Nick is glad to present

HotIronKnowHow & The Skills of Well-being

at your organisation, anywhere in the world

These are the skills to help you thrive under high pressure.

Nick can offer...

  • a tailor-made 90-minute, Half-Day or Full-Day workshop, all of which use a range of deeply memorable and humorous examples to convey highly effective strategies. The compelling evidence for these personal strategies will be equally intriguing to your seasoned professionals as to your graduate trainees.
  • insights for your R & D teams to help your Products & Services better satisfy a customer’s sub-conscious needs.
  • an understanding of society’s ‘emotional climate change’, the key element of which is ‘fear of the future’, and this helps explain a host of market trends.
  • design and supervision of trustworthy research to reveal the driving dynamics of your market.
  • one-to-one coaching in ‘HotIron Skills’ for senior professionals in all walks of life.