It’s very often the case you heal much faster and more thoroughly if you make helpful changes when your system is most ready to receive them. One such opportunity is the high-pressure moment.

Remember an occasion when you consumed something which soon made you so ill that you haven’t wanted to go near it since. Your mind & body learned an enduring lesson in just one intense incident. That is the transforming potential of the high-pressure situation.

HotIronHealing is all about turning ‘high pressure’ to your advantage.

Because the very best time to put right a problem with your emotions, your thinking, your body or behavior, is when the problem is fully active and at its most troublesome. It’s when the symptom is most exposed like this, that your remedies will be most effective. You need to strike while the iron’s hot.

In respect of the above, HotIronHealing is a specific set of skills that help you cope well with and actively create the high-pressure moments which can so positively transform whatever’s been troubling you. These should be everyday lifeskills, part of everyone’s tool belt, because ‘emotional self-healing’ is no more a medical procedure than is cleaning your teeth properly.

Such skills can help you heal yourself of long-held emotional wounds (technically known as psychological trauma) and their seriously troubling symptoms affecting your mind & body, your personal relationships, and your passion-for-life.

Enjoy the samples below.
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Nick Baylis + Erin Love + Richard Sullivan

the full colour e-book: £20

This is the complete step-by-step explanation of the principles and procedures that help you heal trapped emotional pain… whether you’re working alone or with a coaching-partner. The ideas are supported by colour film-stills, art works and illustrations; it runs to 171 pages (circa 35,000 words).

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the introductory audio-book: £12

Presented by Dr Nick Baylis, the entire audio file runs for just over one hour. It introduces you to an intriguing range of widely respected healing techniques that have proven themselves highly effective even with long-standing, deep-seated problems caused by trapped emotional pain. This one hour audio is only an overview, and only covers some of the key principles and approaches; if you want to work through a step-by-step guide, you need the e-book above.

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Safety Notice : HotIronHealing is NOT intended to replace the opinion given by a medical doctor or psychotherapist who is supervising a particular individual. This book simply informs you of some fundamental principles you might wish to consider. Please, always seek the specialist advice of a healthcare professional who is adequately qualified and experienced in precisely the sorts of problems that are troubling you.