Just as we all learn the first-aid essentials of treating a physical injury,
we should all learn the first-aid essentials of treating an emotional wound.

How well do you know First-Aid for Emotional-Shock?
  1. What exactly has happened to the mind-body system when someone is in a state of shock?
  2. How exactly could you immediately help calm a shocked child or adult?
  3. What sedative or recuperative pills or drink should you give to someone suffering emotional-shock?
  4. Can you name three of the most likely natural reactions of the mind, and of the body?
  5. How many days does it require for the natural reactions to heal of their own accord (if they are able to)?
  6. Can you name three everyday natural activities that would help a shocked individual to recover their all-round well-being?
  7. What are the two most recommended types of psychotherapy for shock, if mind or body reactions persist after the first one month?


This step-by-step guidance regards emotional-shock as
a severely stressful experience that is sudden and overwhelming.
It can be an incident in which the individual is directly involved,
or something that is witnessed, or a shocking piece of news.


Are you up-to-date with Good Practice Guidelines?

In recent years, there has been clear guidance from the UK’s National Institute for Health & Care Excellence, as well as from leading therapy practitioners, on exactly what procedures promote good recovery, so as to prevent the life-debilitating mind & body repercussions of un-healed emotional-shock.
There is also clear scientific guidance and practitioner agreement about what NOT to do: for instance, do NOT automatically administer sedative medications of any sort (nor any caffeinated nor sugared drinks).
Yet, these simple First-Aid guidelines are far from common knowledge among first-aiders, pastoral carers, school-students and parents, let alone members of the general public, all of whom might have urgent need of these simple skills and strategies.

Anyone can suffer shock.
Everyone should know how to help themselves or another.

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This 12-page Guide cannot be summarised in a page or a diagram,
without losing vital details.
As Professor Albert Einstein rightly cautioned :
“Make things as simple as possible, but no simpler.”


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Safety Notice : First-Aid for Emotional-Shock is NOT intended to replace the opinion given by a medical doctor or psychotherapist who is supervising a particular individual. This book simply informs you of some fundamental principles you might wish to consider. Please, always seek the specialist advice of a healthcare professional who is adequately qualified and experienced in precisely the sorts of problems that are troubling you.